8th-12th Grade Youth Program

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Closing the 2019-2020 Year
It was so great to get all our Youth together to close the 2019-2020 year.  Although it was just us, we held true to some of the central parts of our traditional Youth /All Parish Banquet: We had our candlelight scripture / prayer time, food, 'Jesus Living in Us' Certificates and brief talks to the youth by Mrs. N., our juniors Alison Bryant and Elizabeth Moore presenting our annual 'Prayer Champion' award to Devin Wadley, our graduating senior, along with the jar of beads and rocks representing all of our prayers during the Youth group year.  Devin followed tradition and gave his senior speech to us all, and then proceeded to enlighten us on his plans for the future.  Discussion, basketball and just being together followed!  Praise God for the good weather, and the wonderful youth we have here at St. Joseph Church!  

2019 Youth Banquet

Sunday, April 7th, 2019 was our 7th Annual St. Joseph Youth Banquet, however, it was our 1st ALL Parish event which involved honoring our NEWLY confirmed youths, as well. Our theme was TRUE HAPPINESS IS WITH GOD. Our celebration consisted of youth-led Prayer Service, a delicious dinner catered by BACK in the DAY, great deserts provided by our parish members and the wonderful recognition of each and every youth. We had an impressive showing of 114 people, and you can bet we WILL do this again NEXT year. Hope you can make it!!
Highlights of the event included:
1. Event Theme: "Happiness through Faith in God"
2. A Youth Led Prayer Service
3. A catered dinner by "Back in the Day"
4. Recognition Certificates given to each youth based on the Beatitudes
5. Gifts given to the Newly Confirmed
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