Mission Statement

We, disciples of Jesus Christ, are a portion of God's people, assembled by the call of the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lansing. In communion at the Lord's altar and with each other, we form a "…particular church in which the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church of Christ is truly present and operative." (Decree of Bishops' Pastoral Office in the Church, Ch. 3, Sec- 11) We are called by God: to hear and respond to the Word and reform and renew our minds and hearts, to grow in holiness, to form a community of faith, and to witness God's love and saving presence in this world. We are sent by Christ: to praise, thank and worship God, to proclaim the Word, to celebrate the holiness of life through his sacraments, to heal and reconcile all people, to promote God's justice and peace in the church and in the world, to teach truth by word and deed, to serve and liberate the poor, the alienated and the oppressed. We give thanks for the uniqueness and the diversity of our many ministries which strengthen our diocesan church. Anointed and empowered by the Spirit in our baptism, we accept our mission to proclaim the kingdom of God and to be on earth a "…seed and beginning of that Kingdom." (Constitution on the Church, Ch. 1 Sec. 5) Adopted by Pastoral Council, Diocese of Lansing, October 13, 1984