Mid-Summer Report & Thank You Betty!

As we enter the Summer Doldrums, it’s time to review how our summer has progressed and look forward to squeezing every bit out of what’s left. It is always good too to review how our summer prayer life is. Is it slipping into the doldrums too? Have too many activities drowned out God’s voice? It is the time to revitalize our spiritual lives. Perhaps going to reconciliation, more frequent reception of communion, or a mini spiritual retreat would be just the ticket. As Fr. George said this weekend, “Just do it.”

mmj4tnf8pim1zq74z83he3w3eml.jpgThere are some changes going on at the Parish this summer as well. As you have seen elsewhere in this Bulletin, we have new energy efficient windows installed and the stained glass has been brightened. Thanks to everyone who contributed and to Radiant Arts for a job well done.


Many thanks also to Betty Gillmer, who will be leaving her secretarial position in July. In my three years here, Betty has been an invaluable assistant to me, teaching me the ins and outs of the ‘St. Joseph way’ and helping me in innumerable ways. (Couldn’t have done it without you, Betty!) Betty has served St. Joseph faithfully for over 14 years. We are all grateful for her devotion to the parish. When you see her take a moment to express your gratitude and wish her well on this new phase of her life. Patrice Elka will add the secretarial duties to her present ones as bookkeeper for the Parish. Please keep Betty and Patrice in your prayers.

May you enjoy the blessings and protection of God throughout the rest of the summer.

Peace, Blessings, and Joy, Deacon Stan


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